Right to Recovery Bill

Douglas Ross MP MSP's Right to Recovery Bill proposal has been developed by frontline experts to guarantee everyone gets the treatment they need.

The consultation for the Bill has now closed. 

You can view the responses below. 


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IND_001 Stephen Wishart.pdf 125.4 KB
IND_002 James Docherty.pdf 114.28 KB
IND_003 Ian Smith.pdf 118.7 KB
IND_004 Steven Crockart.pdf 120.05 KB
IND_005 Mairi Martin.pdf 119.13 KB
IND_006 Martin Wilkie.pdf 120.63 KB
IND_007 Jim Thomson.pdf 116.82 KB
IND_008 Kevin Walton.pdf 113.56 KB
IND_009 Kenneth Hughes.pdf 113.46 KB
IND_010 Kenny Wright.pdf 122.15 KB
IND_011 James Mackay.pdf 117.73 KB
IND_012 Jean Henretty.pdf 120.42 KB
IND_013 Christine.pdf 121.89 KB
IND_014 Yvonne McCready.pdf 120.29 KB
IND_015 Tracey Yardley.pdf 120.75 KB
IND_016 Rebekah Whittaker.pdf 123.35 KB
IND_017 Rebekah Tarren.pdf 113.88 KB
IND_018 Kevin Campbell.pdf 86.61 KB
IND_019 Juliette Daly.pdf 118.3 KB
IND_020 John Milligan.pdf 130.86 KB
IND_021 Karen Anderson.pdf 122.24 KB
IND_022 Paul Boyle.pdf 113.86 KB
IND_023 Helen Love.pdf 124.85 KB
IND_024 Ashleigh Evans.pdf 115.74 KB
IND_025 Morag Ferguson.pdf 88.88 KB
IND_026 Stan Malloch.pdf 121.74 KB
IND_027 David Dowell.pdf 121.98 KB
IND_028 Janet McWee.pdf 113.59 KB
IND_029 Calliese Conner.pdf 119.31 KB
IND_030 Catherine Nicoll.pdf 86.19 KB
IND_031 Susan McAllister.pdf 84.87 KB
IND_032 Nicola Watters.pdf 116.99 KB
IND_033 David Birrell.pdf 123.88 KB
IND_034 Sean Russell.pdf 113.87 KB
IND_035 Robert McNair.pdf 122.74 KB
IND_036 Leo S.pdf 118.75 KB
IND_037 Alan Shanks.pdf 119.58 KB
IND_038 Peter Marks.pdf 122.2 KB
IND_039 Yvonne Keegan.pdf 122.79 KB
IND_040 David Brown.pdf 90.8 KB
IND_041 Tom Halliday.pdf 123.63 KB
IND_042 Aidan Firth.pdf 122.28 KB
IND_043 Sheila Leonard.pdf 118.75 KB
IND_044 Paul McLaren.pdf 114.3 KB
IND_045 Mrs Janet H Jess B.A. (Hons).pdf 128.16 KB
IND_046 Heather Lewis.pdf 133.55 KB
IND_047 Gary Godfrey.pdf 113.76 KB
IND_048 Liz Dineen.pdf 119.79 KB
IND_049 Kat Cary.pdf 121.33 KB
IND_050 Margot Russell.pdf 117.36 KB
IND_051 Stuart Nicoll.pdf 117.44 KB
IND_052 Richard McGuigan.pdf 118.1 KB
IND_053 Petra Wright.pdf 123.82 KB
IND_054 Isobel Muirhead.pdf 120.19 KB
IND_055 Irene McCusker.pdf 125.03 KB
IND_056 Christina Scott.pdf 123.12 KB
IND_057 Norman Kebell.pdf 118.78 KB
IND_058 John Smith.pdf 121.33 KB
IND_059 Katherine A. Bell.pdf 120.65 KB
IND_060 Sarah Campbell.pdf 114.27 KB
IND_061 Eleanor Dempster.pdf 121.68 KB
IND_063 Samuel Webster.pdf 116.01 KB
IND_064 Thomas Lyon.pdf 122.84 KB
IND_065 Rev. Laurent Vernet.pdf 120.62 KB
IND_066 Faith Ougham.pdf 128.17 KB
IND_067 Michael Hawthorne.pdf 118.4 KB
IND_068 William Christie.pdf 135.61 KB
IND_069 Elspeth Nicol.pdf 118.58 KB
IND_070 Elizabeth Daly.pdf 128.78 KB
IND_071 Alison Findlay.pdf 127.39 KB
IND_072 Scott Murphy.pdf 122.32 KB
IND_073 Rachel Cooney.pdf 115.22 KB
IND_074 Frank Richard Crowe.pdf 130.1 KB
IND_075 Michael Addison.pdf 129.46 KB
IND_076 Allison Cann.pdf 122.45 KB
IND_077 Leeh Howell.pdf 115.22 KB
IND_078 Alan Campbell.pdf 115.07 KB
IND_079 Darren Concannon.pdf 125.29 KB
IND_080 Peter J. Cochrane.pdf 125.76 KB
IND_081 Jordan Martin.pdf 122.19 KB
IND_082 Malcolm Johnstone.pdf 119.42 KB
IND_083 Douglas McBean.pdf 143.87 KB
IND_084 Dougie MacMillan.pdf 133.16 KB
IND_085 Simon P. Crabb.pdf 122.35 KB
IND_086 Monica Lennon MSP.pdf 129 KB
IND_087 Christine J. Alison.pdf 120 KB
IND_088 Sarah MacFarlane.pdf 261.68 KB
IND_089 Debbie O'Brien.pdf 74.81 KB
IND_090 Irvine Ormiston.pdf 83.12 KB
IND_091 Fred Parry.pdf 87.29 KB
IND_A_001 Anonymous.pdf 116.83 KB
IND_A_002 Anonymous.pdf 85.41 KB
IND_A_003 Anonymous.pdf 90.99 KB
IND_A_004 Anonymous.pdf 117.04 KB
IND_A_005 Anonymous.pdf 115.34 KB
IND_A_006 Anonymous.pdf 113.09 KB
IND_A_007 Anonymous.pdf 88.96 KB
IND_A_008 Anonymous.pdf 118.16 KB
IND_A_009 Anonymous.pdf 82.13 KB
IND_A_010 Anonymous.pdf 89.84 KB
IND_A_011 Anonymous.pdf 119.05 KB
IND_A_012 Anonymous.pdf 85.99 KB
IND_A_013 Anonymous.pdf 113.63 KB
IND_A_014 Anonymous.pdf 113.6 KB
IND_A_015 Anonymous.pdf 114.07 KB
IND_A_016 Anonymous.pdf 81.52 KB
IND_A_017 Anonymous.pdf 113.42 KB
IND_A_018 Anonymous.pdf 84.6 KB
IND_A_019 Anonymous.pdf 86.34 KB
IND_A_020 Anonymous.pdf 120.35 KB
IND_A_021 Anonymous.pdf 93.13 KB
IND_A_022 Anonymous.pdf 114.21 KB
IND_A_023 Anonymous.pdf 90.36 KB
IND_A_024 Anonymous.pdf 86.71 KB
IND_A_025 Anonymous.pdf 85.84 KB
IND_A_026 Anonymous.pdf 82.15 KB
IND_A_027 Anonymous.pdf 112.91 KB
IND_A_028 Anonymous.pdf 115.2 KB
IND_A_029 Anonymous.pdf 86.15 KB
IND_A_030 Anonymous.pdf 114.76 KB
IND_A_031 Anonymous.pdf 121.53 KB
IND_A_032 Anonymous.pdf 83.43 KB
IND_A_033 Anonymous.pdf 118.75 KB
IND_A_034 Anonymous.pdf 114.71 KB
IND_A_035 Anonymous.pdf 120.77 KB
IND_A_036 Anonymous.pdf 119.06 KB
IND_A_037 Anonymous.pdf 88.62 KB
IND_A_038 Anonymous.pdf 118.45 KB
IND_A_039 Anonymous.pdf 91.61 KB
IND_A_040 Anonymous.pdf 85.21 KB
IND_A_041 Anonymous.pdf 115.65 KB
IND_A_042 Anonymous.pdf 87.23 KB
IND_A_043 Anonymous.pdf 121.71 KB
IND_A_044 Anonymous.pdf 121.06 KB
IND_A_045 Anonymous.pdf 94.25 KB
IND_A_046 Anonymous.pdf 82.69 KB
IND_A_047 Anonymous.pdf 121.89 KB
IND_A_048 Anonymous.pdf 88.24 KB
IND_A_049 Anonymous.pdf 88.36 KB
IND_A_050 Anonymous.pdf 114.71 KB
IND_A_051 Anonymous.pdf 85.68 KB
IND_A_052 Anonymous.pdf 123.34 KB
IND_A_053 Anonymous.pdf 89.17 KB
IND_A_054 Anonymous.pdf 74.52 KB
ORG_001 Calderglen House Residential Rehabilitation.pdf 121.35 KB
ORG_002 Simon Community.pdf 113.88 KB
ORG_003 NET Recovery Corp.pdf 84.84 KB
ORG_004 We are With You Family Group Ayr South Ayrshire .pdf 173.63 KB
ORG_005 Scottish Tenants Organisation.pdf 88.65 KB
ORG_006 Cyrenians.pdf 137.47 KB
ORG_007 Recovery Enterprises Scotland CIC.pdf 141.89 KB
ORG_008 The Methodist Church in Scotland.pdf 128.22 KB
ORG_009 Street Connect.pdf 138.38 KB
ORG_010 The Scottish Community Safety Network.pdf 148.72 KB
ORG_011 Shetland District of the Methodist Church.pdf 129.49 KB
ORG_012 Specialist Pharmacists in Substance Misuse (Scotland).pdf 129.24 KB
ORG_013 Phoenix Futures.pdf 141.25 KB
ORG_014 The Church of Scotland.pdf 140.45 KB
ORG_015 Bluevale Community Club.pdf 81.64 KB
ORG_016 The Free Church of Scotland.pdf 140.81 KB
ORG_017 Scottish Youth Parliament.pdf 99.6 KB
ORG_018 Homeless Network Scotland.pdf 130.72 KB
ORG_019 Scottish Recovery Consortium.pdf 142.75 KB
ORG_020 Transform Drug Policy Foundation.pdf 122.18 KB
ORG_021 With You.pdf 138.25 KB
ORG_022 Glasgow City ADP.pdf 148.51 KB
ORG_023 SISCO.pdf 122.01 KB
ORG_024 Poverty Alliance.pdf 137.51 KB
ORG_025 Scottish Drugs Forum.pdf 147.47 KB
ORG_026 Evangelical Alliance.pdf 148.48 KB
ORG_027 Scottish Families Campaign for Change.pdf 123.38 KB
ORG_028 Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems.pdf 215.54 KB
ORG_029 Alcohol Focus Scotland.pdf 221.62 KB
ORG_030 Turning Point Scotland.pdf 242.25 KB
ORG_031 Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs.pdf 238.03 KB
ORG_032 Transform, Cranstoun, Release and EuroNPUD.pdf 273.89 KB
ORG_033 Glasgow City Mission.pdf 82.77 KB
ORG_A_001 Anonymous.pdf 113.7 KB
ORG_A_002 Anonymous.pdf 86.47 KB
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