Ross welcomes council U-turn on grass cutting but disappointed at level of council tax rise

Moray MP Douglas Ross has welcomed a U-turn by the SNP-led Moray Council at today’s budget with Moray Council now agreeing to reinstate grass cutting across Moray, something he has campaigned for since the cuts were introduced. However, Mr Ross has criticised the SNP led council decision to impose a 4.84% increase on council tax.

Douglas said: “I’m very glad that the SNP-led council have finally given in to the pressure from the public and the Conservative group and grass cutting around Moray will be restored to previous levels. However it’s a pity they didn’t also listen to the Conservative Group’s more sensible option of a 3% rise on council tax rather than impose a 4.84% increase at a time when constituents are complaining to me they are receiving fewer services from the council but paying more tax.

“While the decision on grass cutting is the correct one, you have to ask why the SNP-led council previously ignored the calls from people across Moray, including 5,000 people who signed my petition on this issue last year.

“Indeed, last October, Councillor Tim Eagle and the Conservative Group were defeated when they tried to reverse the decision, yet here we are, five months later, and the SNP are trying to claim it was their idea when they voting record shows they were the ones to introduce the reduced cutting and blocked earlier plans to reinstate the full service.”