Ross raises impact for Moray from USA Trade Tariffs in the House of Commons

During an Urgent Question in the House of Commons tonight (Monday) Moray MP Douglas Ross again highlighted the impact of a trade war between the USA and EU which last week saw 25% tariffs applied to a number of iconic Moray products. Commenting Douglas said:

“Moray is significantly impacted by the tariffs decisions announced last week and I applied for an Urgent Question in the House of Commons to make sure Parliament could discuss this crucial issue.  

“In the last few days I’ve held discussions with Ministers and officials across government and with local businesses and sectors affected.  

“I called on the Minister to urge the US not to apply the tariffs on the 18th October as planned, and to continue the negotiations on this long running issue. If these tariffs are applied in just ten days’ time it will have a huge impact in the run up to the important Christmas period for many of our local firms. I’m pleased that the Minister has confirmed that the government will do everything it can to stop these tariffs being applied, but if they are, to seek to have them removed as soon as possible.  

“I will continue to work tirelessly to minimise the impact this dispute between the European Union and the USA has on Moray and sectors that are blameless in this conflict which has been ongoing for years.”