Ross Comments on Prime Minister’s Announcement

Commenting on the announcement that Prime Minister Theresa May will step down as leader of the Conservative Party on June 7 to allow a new leader to be elected and a Prime Minister in office shortly thereafter, MP for Moray Douglas Ross said: “Theresa May announced several weeks ago that she would be standing down as Prime Minister, and this announcement now confirms the timescale for the process of electing a new leader of the party and the next Prime Minister.

“I know the Prime Minister had hoped to step down having delivered Brexit, but events this week made it clear that her amended Withdrawal Agreement Bill would not have received the required support across the House.

“It was clear from the Prime Minister’s statement, and the emotion with which she delivered it, that this was a significant and heartfelt decision to leave a position she had invested so much in. No one can question her drive, determination and resilience as our Prime Minister, and I thank her for that.

“We will now quickly move to a leadership election in the Conservative Party and I will listen to all the candidates putting themselves forward for this position before I decide who I think is the best leader and who will act in the best interests of Moray, Scotland and the whole country.”