Moray MP Douglas Ross has taken up the concerns of the many patients in Moray affected by Pernicious Anaemia who had relied on vitamin B12 injections to control their conditions. However, since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, GP’s have been advised to stop giving these injections to patients and to prescribe alternatives.

Douglas said “This illness is serious and in the past, prior to the introductions of B12 injections and other means of supplementation, it was often fatal. I have been contacted by a number of constituents across Moray who have the condition which has been fully managed with B12 injections. However, I understand that NHS Grampian have advised all GP’s to prescribe other methods for those affected during this pandemic.

“Patients who normally receive B12 injections are now being prescribed the supplement in tablet form, but the problem with this method is that according to the Pernicious Anaemia Society oral tablets are not suitable for patients with Autoimmune Pernicious Anaemia because patients cannot absorb B12 in their stomach.

“This is a horrible illness which can leave the patient unsteady on their feet, nauseous, subject to tremors, fatigue, memory loss, depression and irritability. Those contacting me do not want to go back to suffering from these symptoms.

“The ironic situation here is that those requiring these injections have to attend the surgeries anyway to have their bloods checked. In light of these concerns I’ve again contacted the Chief Executive of NHS Grampian and the Scottish Health Secretary seeking a review of theguidance issued to GP’s.”