Ross welcomes progress to install pedestrian crossing at Aberlour

MORAY MP Douglas Ross has welcomed confirmation from Transport Scotland that they intend to complete a pedestrian crossing as part of safety improvements in Aberlour by April 2020.

Commenting, Douglas said: “In the summer the good news that Aberlour would get a pedestrian crossing was confirmed, but I recently wrote to Transport Scotland again asking for an update on the plans after local people contacted me to say they were not aware of any progress being made and the road was becoming increasingly dangerous.

“I’m reassured to see that investigations have been taking place locally and that stakeholders are being kept informed about the plans. Public consultation exercises have also been ongoing within the local community and preliminary designs have been outlined by Transport Scotland.

“Obviously this is a very important project for the local community, who are fearful of an accident with people having to cross the busy A95 regularly to access shops and services. The road which dissects Aberlour is not a narrow village street, but a wide main and busy road, which increases the possibility of a collision for pedestrians attempting to cross it.

“I understand amendments to parking and better road markings also form part of the project to increase road safety in the village. I’m pleased that Transport Scotland are committed to this project and look forward to seeing the crossing being completed by the spring.”