Ross welcomes Government’s commitment on free trade deal

Moray MP Douglas Ross has welcomed the Government’s reassurances that it has clear red lines during negotiations for a free trade agreement between the UK and USA.

Douglas said: “As trade negotiations get underway the Government is working to get the best deal for the whole of the UK and I’m pleased that International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has outlined clear red lines ahead of the negotiations.

“The Government will not compromise on food safety standards nor will it compromise over the price the NHS pays for drugs. We are clear the NHS is not on the table during these negotiations.  

“There are huge benefits to be had from getting a good trade deal with the USA. An economic study has recently shown that a deal with the US could bring a £15 billion boost to the United Kingdom which would also have a hugely positive impact in Scotland.

“This ambitious deal will deliver for key industries and sectors in Moray and across Scotland while protecting our NHS and standards that have been built up for decades.”