Ross urges swift action over Moray maternity services crisis

Moray MP Douglas Ross has highlighted his concerns about changes made to the maternity services at Dr Gray’s Hospital which will lead to hundreds of women classified as being medium or high risk being transferred to Aberdeen to give birth.

He made his comments after KEEP Mum campaigners met with the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Midwife for Scotland who were visiting Dr Gray’s today.

Douglas said: “I’ve been told by people working in maternity services that these proposals move us back to a situation last seen decades ago when women found themselves giving birth in ambulances in laybys on the A96. However what makes the situation even worse is that back then there was the possibility of the ambulances diverting to cottage hospitals in Keith and Huntly which, at least, had some maternity facilities. Those hospitals have now closed so we need a maternity unit at Dr Gray’s Hospital more than ever.

“The problem is the lack of junior doctors and this should have been addressed sooner by NHS Grampian rather than just allowing the hospital to plunge into the crisis that we see now.”

He added: “I wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Health last week calling for action and I am glad that campaigners in Moray have today had the chance to put their points across to the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Midwife for Scotland. However, I am concerned that the Health Secretary said these plans are ‘very safe’. I would also urge people to make their views known, by signing the petition or by joining the peaceful protest.”

“It is absolutely imperative that the Scottish Government gets a grip. This is their responsibility. It is quite obvious that there has been a failure in workforce planning and they need to own up to that and find a solution.

“Bringing a new family member into the world should be a time of joy and celebration and not one of stress and anxiety.”