Ross urges drivers to slow down in flooded areas and consider the effects of the wash created

Moray MP Douglas Ross has urged drivers in Moray to slow down and take care when driving through flooded roads in the area. At the same time, he has reminded drivers, if they have to go through a flooded road, to drive slowly through flood water on streets within our towns and villages as the wash caused by driving through is causing concerns to local residents, as the water wash rises to their front doors. His comments come after he has received many calls to his constituency office today about this issue.  

Douglas said “ The adverse weather we are experiencing is causing problems with flooding in various parts of Moray including many of our streets in towns and villages throughout the area.  

“I know for example that Maisondieu Road in Elgin is particularly badly hit with flooded water and vehicles are been driven through this water at too fast a speed and the wash is reaching the front doors of some of the houses on that street.

“I have had residents call me in desperation asking that I do something as no one seems able to help them.

“I made contact with Moray Council and the Police and while they are prioritising their services to deal with the worst hit areas we all have a duty to drive responsibly in these conditions. The general advice is to contact the Council if there is an imminent need for sandbags due to possible flooding and contact the Police on 101 if the drivers of vehicles negotiating flooded waters are driving too fast causing anxiety and concern by the wash they create.

“I’d urge people to drive to the conditions, slow down if negotiating flooded streets and think of other road users and the nearby residents if your vehicle is likely to cause a wash.”