Ross says Brexit deal must protect the Union

Moray MP Douglas Ross has called for a Brexit that protects the UK’s integrity and wins back control of our fishing waters. He was speaking after Prime Minister Theresa May withdrew the Brexit deal before it came to a vote in the House of Commons.

Douglas said: “Brexit is an issue where Members of Parliament must put country before party but I also acknowledge that no matter how I vote I will not be able to please all of the people in Moray with my choice. I strongly believe that the Brexit deal cannot, and must not, put the integrity of the United Kingdom at risk. And on that basis I concluded after wrestling with the issue for many days, and seeking reassurances, that I could not support the Prime Minister’s proposal if it had come to a vote in the House of Commons.  I did not believe it would have sufficiently guaranteed the protection of the Union.

“I have enormous admiration for Theresa May’s resilience and sense of duty, she negotiated a deal in the face of significant challenges at home and in the EU, but MPs were elected to scrutinise that deal and then conclude if they could support it or not.  I could not put aside my belief that the agreement reached with the EU was not good for the long-term stability of the UK.

“It is now for the Prime Minister to go back to the EU and make it clear that we need a solution that respects the result of the referendum and protects the long-term interests of our country. It is in the interests of both sides to have a fair agreement and I very much hope the EU negotiators recognise that Parliament, on behalf of the British people, has every right to make it clear that it expects something better.

“I will continue to work for a Brexit deal that is good for Moray and brings a brighter future for our fishing communities. I believe we have a real opportunity when we regain control over our fishing waters and become an independent coastal state again. Like many people in the North East I will rejoice when we leave the hated Common Fisheries Policy. But we must remain vigilant and ensure that our departure actually happens.”