Ross puts pressure on new Stagecoach boss to improve service in Moray

Moray MP Douglas Ross has put pressure on new Stagecoach boss, David Liston, to improve bus services in Moray. Mr Liston, who was recently appointed Managing Director, North Scotland by Stagecoach, attended a meeting held in the MP’s constituency office in Forres at which Douglas stressed the widespread disappointment in Moray at the withdrawal of services.

Douglas said: “I asked Mr Liston to review the decisions Stagecoach have made in recent months with regard to routes and timetables, which has caused widespread dismay among bus-users. Among the matters I raised were the loss of services to Larch Court in Elgin, at Forbeshill in Forres and problems some bus users have getting on and off high-step coaches.

“I’m also concerned at the difficulties people are having reaching Inverness Airport and getting to hospital appointments. These are just some of the examples that I brought to his attention, there were many more that I referred to which local people have also raised with me.

Douglas added: “The fact is that we need a modern, responsive public transport system in Moray. The gaps in provision are having the effect of isolating people, often older members of the community, in their homes. It seems absurd that places like Edinburgh now have buses and trams in abundance while the funding available in Moray means our service just seems to be going downhill. To be fair to Stagecoach the problems are not entirely of their making and Moray Council, starved of money by the Scottish Government, is unable to give the support I would like to see them providing.

“Nevertheless I want to see Stagecoach doing more for local bus users and made that point to Mr Liston, who did say that he would look at these issues and come back to me with an update.”