Ross praises work done by Elgin Men’s Shed group

Moray MP Douglas Ross enjoyed a visit to Elgin and District Men’s Shed group and has pledged to work with the members to secure suitable permanent premises.

Douglas said: “It was great to meet the group and see what they are doing. Membership is really strong and it’s just a shame that Moray Council wouldn’t work with them to help secure permanent premises.

“At the moment, the group is having to rent a unit that is smaller than they would want for the men to get involved in all the projects they have planned, and I’m keen to work with them to find a more suitable place for meetings that has enough space for all the activities they hope to offer.

“I know that there are active Men’s Shed groups across Moray and it was highlighted to me at my meeting with the Elgin group, which has a strong membership, how valuable they are in bringing together like-minded people together in a way that helps reduce isolation and loneliness.”

Cecil Taylor, Secretary said "The Elgin and District Men's Shed were delighted to have Douglas Ross attend one of our meetings. We know he appreciates the benefits Men's Sheds offer to members and the problems faced by the Elgin Shed in finding suitable affordable premises. It is good to know he is supporting our efforts to find our ideal Shed".