Ross disgusted at lack of progress on autism strategy in Moray

Moray MP Douglas Ross has commented after learning that Moray Council have not had a designated lead for autism since 2017 or produced any annual reports despite being required to do so.

Douglas said: “I’ve previously raised individual cases with the council about the support provided to people with autism in Moray. I wrote again recently after receiving further complaints from constituents and was disgusted with the response I received. It is apparent that this is an important area that has been completely forgotten about by the council. Even in response to my detailed concerns, I received a reply with only two paragraphs which suggest the council were not interested in addressing their complete failure to support people with autism in Moray.

“When the autism strategy was first produced there was strong support from all councillors, but it was recognised this could not be a standalone document, it would need constant updating and revision to ensure it continued to meet the needs of people living with autism in Moray. 

“The fact that three years have been allowed to elapse with no monitoring or updates is shocking and I can understand why people with autism and their families feel so badly let down over this issue.

“I’m urging the council to address these feelings as a matter of urgency and will be seeking regular updates on the progress they plan to ensure we never again allow years to elapse without action being taken.