Moray MP highlights Moray Council cuts at Prime Minister’s Questions

Local MP Douglas Ross highlighted the devastating cuts being made by Moray Council during Prime Minister’s Questions in Westminster today (Wednesday) and called on the SNP-led council to look again at the services targeted while also calling for a fairer funding settlement from the Scottish Government.

Commenting, Douglas said: “The cuts being proposed by the council are extremely serious with many of the savings falling on services that young people value most. I think it’s completely wrong that while so many services are affected, the senior managers who oversee them are protected from the cuts.

“I was keen to use this opportunity in my question to the Prime Minister to highlight that councillors should prioritise local services over protecting the highest paid and most senior managers in the councils.  There have been several proposals to streamline the management of Moray Council in the past and now must be the time to take action on these.

“The Prime Minister agreed that the Scottish Government should deliver a fairer funding settlement for Moray, a sentiment expressed by all parties on Moray council, all we need now is a positive response from Nicola Sturgeon and her government.”

Responding to the question from Douglas Ross, Prime Minister Theresa May said:  “The UK government has increased the block grant that is going to the Scottish Government next year.  So decisions on cutting budgets are a matter of priority for the SNP rather than a necessity.

“Extra money has been given to them and it’s a question of where they want to put that money and what they put as a priority.”