Moray MP confirms he will support the Prime Minister’s deal to leave the EU

Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative MP for Moray, has confirmed that he will be voting for the Prime Minister’s deal this afternoon. The Moray MP voted against the deal in January and then missed the second vote to be at the birth of his first child.

Commenting Douglas said: “Parliament is in a mess and the public want us to sort this out. They want clarity and certainty and now that can only be delivered by supporting this deal.

“Representing Moray, which was so evenly split in the referendum, means that I will never be able to vote in a way which pleases all of my constituents but the over-riding message I’m hearing is to get this done.

“People who voted leave or remain expected today to be the date we left the EU; voting against the deal now simply adds to the uncertainty and confusion which we have witnessed for more than two years.

“It was also clear from the votes earlier this week that Parliament as a whole can’t reach a conclusion on how best to move forward. With a range of options open to all MPs, not a single one commanded a majority, which is why I think it is now important that we settle on the deal that has been agreed with the EU and can be passed in the House of Commons.

“An important part of my decision making has been to stand up for Moray’s fishing communities. They voted to leave in large numbers and it’s very possible given the decisions Parliament has taken in recent weeks that were the Prime Minister’s deal to fail, we wouldn’t leave at all and the benefits of Brexit for this industry would be lost. I’ve been meeting with Ministers regularly and am grateful for the clarifications and assurances I’ve received that this deal now represents the best way to ensure we have a bright future for the fishing industry and our coastal communities.

“As with every vote I make, some people will be happy, some not. There is no easy decision, but by voting for the deal I believe we can provide the clarity and certainty that people and businesses in Moray are looking for. We can then move on to the next phase of our deliberations and importantly focus on many of the domestic issues that deserve our attention.”