MORAY MP comments after attending Lossie bridge meeting

MORAY MP Douglas Ross has commented after attending a multi-agency meeting about the closure of the bridge to East Beach at Lossiemouth.

Douglas said: “This was a useful meeting to discuss both the short-term and long-term options for getting this important crossing open again. 

“I have held a number of discussions over the past few days and there have been many concerns about the feasibility of short-term options. While it is right that we are positive about what could happen, I feel we have to be realistic and honest with the public.  

“Despite wanting to help, it’s clear the Army cannot construct a temporary crossing as their current bridges are designed to transport tanks and could not be fitted at this location. They have also confirmed they don’t have bespoke bridges they could construct at this location either.  

“While we have to continue to look at options to reopen the bridge as soon as possible, it’s clear the focus is shifting towards a long-term solution. This is disappointing as it was obvious just looking round Lossie before the meeting that the closure is having an impact as the town is much quieter. I passed families walking away from the closed bridge clearly disappointed that they couldn’t get across to East Beach.  

“That said, I would urge local people and visitors to continue to come to Lossiemouth. There is still so much to do, including visiting West Beach. This closure is having an impact on businesses in the town and they need our support during what should be a busy time for them. 

“I’m continuing my efforts to get support from both the Scottish and UK Governments, various agencies and private investors. We all have to work together to deliver for the people and businesses of Lossiemouth. They need our backing and we need to get access to the beach given how important this is to people from across Moray and much further afield.”