Moray MP calls on council to reopen campsite toilets

Moray MP Douglas Ross has called on Moray Council to reopen the toilets at the Cragganmore campsite after local residents reported campers and walkers had been using the surrounding area for toilets, prompting concerns about hygiene issues.

Commenting, Douglas said: “I’ve been contacted by members of the local community who have been experiencing problems with campers, and walkers who are in the area using the Speyside Way and are being caught short due to the fact that there are no toilets at Cragganmore Campsite.

“Local community representatives have raised this issue with the council but have been told they are not in a position to open the toilets situated there, until the Scottish Government enters Phase 4 of its route map for easing restrictions on Lockdown, which would allow cleaning services of the toilets to resume once a day.

“This is clearly unacceptable as some toilets are open in other tourist areas and at Cragganmore the campsite is full, which on one hand is fantastic as we want to encourage campers to visit our area, but toilets must be provided urgently.

“Local residents have even witnessed individuals using bushes near the water pump house for toilet purposes, which is clearly unacceptable. 

“I understand the council has budget restrictions and is working hard with local communities to open as many toilets as possible, but this has become an environmental health issue and action must be taken by the council immediately.

“Either the toilets are opened again, or alternative portable facilities need to be put in place now.”

Local councillor, Derek Ross added: 

"With hygiene top of everyone’s priorities at the moment due to the ongoing threat from Coronavirus, this seems to contradict the messages we have been receiving. 

“I have been speaking with council officers for a considerable amount of time but still the toilets remain closed. We need them open urgently, as visitor numbers are increasing now Lockdown has been eased.

“Cragganmore is the start and finishing point for many people using the Speyside Way or those camping nearby, so it is vital that we have facilities for them to use and it is not acceptable they are using fields and the riverbanks as an alternative. This area is well used by visitors and locals and people shouldn’t be confronted by human waste when enjoying the countryside."