Moray MP asks for rethink on disabled toilet aid charges

Moray MP Douglas Ross has written to Moray Health & Social Care to ask them to revisit their policy on charging more than £100 per year for maintenance of specialised toilets installed in the homes of disabled people.

Commenting, Douglas said: “I’ve been contacted by several local residents who have received these bills without prior warning, requesting payment of £108 per year for maintenance charges, and it’s come as quite a shock.

“Some people have also been asked to pay a backdated amount of £27 immediately for the last quarter and have received a direct debit form in the same envelope to complete for the year ahead.  

“Those who have been contacted by the council are often elderly or vulnerable people who have little income and are anxious that if they cannot pay, their Clos-o-mat toilet which they rely on, will be taken away. This item was installed because they each have a particular need for a toileting aid so it’s very disappointing they are now being targeted in this way.

“Some of those now being asked to pay this charge have had the toilet aid for several years without being asked to fund the maintenance, so being presented with a bill they had not budgeted for has caused considerable anxiety and upset.

“For disabled people, having a disabled toilet is a basic necessity and should not be seen as an extra or a luxury which is why I’m asking Moray Health & Social Care Partnership to look at this decision again and reverse these charges.”