Lossiemouth East Bridge closure highlighted in Parliament

MORAY MP Douglas Ross took the opportunity in the final session at Westminster before Parliament rises for recess to highlight yesterday’s closure of the footbridge at Lossiemouth East Beach.  

Commenting after receiving an update from the council,Douglas said: “I’ve been contacted by many constituents in Lossiemouth who are extremely concerned about the fact that the footbridge has been closed at the peak of the busy tourist season.

“I took the opportunity to raise this in Parliament to highlight the thousands of people who cross the bridge each day and how much of an impact its closure could have on businesses in the town.  I stressed in Parliament that I hope the Scottish and UK governments can assist, as well as the council and the private sector, to get the bridge open as quickly as possible.  

“I am speaking with the council and other organisations to do everything I can to help get the bridge back open. Given that thousands of people have used the bridge this week alone, closing it has repercussions for the local economy and for businesses who rely on tourism, much of which comes from people using the bridge to get across to the beach and then spending their day or holidays in the local area.  

“I understand that structural engineers have been on site to assess the situation and a section has become loose which makes it unsafe to use. Hopefully, they can find a solution to address this.  

“This is an iconic bridge leading to a wonderful beach and I hope we can all work together to get it re-opened as quickly as possible.”