Douglas Ross welcomes announcement of Moray Growth Deal - Moray funding is highest per head of population in the UK

MORAY MP Douglas Ross has welcomed the announcement of the Moray Growth Deal which was made today (Thursday) by the Rt Hon David Liddington MP, the de facto Deputy Prime Minister, during a visit to Moray.

Commenting, Douglas said: “It’s great that we’ve got to this stage after months of relentless campaigning both locally and with the Scottish and UK Governments. It demonstrates that the bid for a Moray Growth Deal was supported by a very strong case for investment in the area and I was pleased to put pressure on Ministers and departments at Westminster to get this deal and the funding for it.  

“Just a couple of months ago I arranged meetings with several Secretarys of State and the Treasury and it was obvious how impressed they were with the ambitions of the deal. Now it’s been confirmed, we can progress with a variety of projects that will make a big difference to people living and working in Moray.

“The £32.5m from the UK Government for the Moray Growth Deal makes this the highest funded deal per head of population in the United Kingdom and the fact the Scottish Government has matched this means there will be significant investment in communities throughout Moray.  

“I’m delighted that the UK Government supports the deal which will help to boost growth in the area and support local jobs and businesses.

 “Although this is great news which will be warmly welcomed in Moray, the hard work is just beginning for the team and I look forward to working with them along the way.  We’ve come a very long way and achieved a lot, but there is more to do to ensure the Growth Deal delivers for everyone in Moray.”